__ lighting / co-creation __

CEEPORT is a performance exploring our perception of the tragic, as well as the tragedy of our perception. It moves away from the traditional hierarchies between performer and environment, between human and non-human, producing new modes of perceiving the relations between sound, body, material and light.
For the frame of Beyond the Black Box (De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam) we developed DURATIONSPACE, an installation unpacking and recombining the elements from the performance CEEPORT. In DURATIONSPACE we reverse our relation to the audience: we invite the spectators to step into the installation while we unpack the performative elements outside into new spaces.

DURATIONSPACE is a collaboration of five artists with multi-disciplinary backgrounds and interests: Yurie Umamoto develops choreography, installations, performances and video/image work. Pablo Fontdevila has a background in choreography, design and electronic arts. Douwe Smit produces music, has an education in visual arts and an ongoing practice of photography. Next to developing design and visual concepts, Kumi Umamoto is also a practicioner of Rolfing® and bodywork. Igor Dobricic is a dramaturge and maker.

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co-produced by Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, NL)
co-produced by C-TAKT (BE)

Beyond de Black Box / De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, NL)