Japón (2008)


Made through a collaborative process with dancers from the Ochanomizu University Dance Club (Tokyo), ‘Japón’ is a piece spawned out of misunderstandings, wrong translations, preconceptions, language barriers, transliterations and all kinds of equivocal communicative strategies. Trying to accept the necessity of these accidents and to embrace the dynamism of communicative processes, ‘Japón’ attempts to exploit the creative potential of these situations.

Pablo Fontdevila

choreography, performance
Sumie Kubo, Saki Abe, Yuka Kobori, Chisa Nashimoto, Eriko Sakurai, Kana Ikegaya, Mayu Michimachi, Naho Hori, Anna Kawai, Yuki Shigematsu, Chiho Yokoyama, Minami Shincho, Aya Ito (Ochanomizu University Dance Club 2008)

graphic design
Sr. Mara

Trimurti (p), Ochanomizu University Dance Club


Endorsed by Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Japan
Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Japan – “Nederland in Japan 2008-2009

Premiered at Bunkyo Civic Hall (Tokyo, JP)

– Bunkyo Civic Hall (Tokyo, JP)

duration: 15′