Sobre cómo se sacrifica una cabra

Sobre cómo se sacrifica una cabra (2003) / Goat (2006)


A solo inspired on passages of Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Sacre du printemps’, ‘Goat’ humourously attempts to incarnate in the body of one performer many of the themes of this iconic piece. Set in a fantasy african landscape, sacrifice is the only possible outcome for the struggle between an Old man and a Goat.

choreography, lighting: Pablo Fontdevila
performed by: Pablo Fontdevila (2003-2004) / Nitay Juran (2006)
music: Geinoh Yamashirogumi
graphic design: Sr. Mara



Première: La instalacción (Buenos Aires, AR), 2003
– Muiderpoort Theater (Amsterdam, NL)
– De Theaterschool (Amsterdam, NL)
– Teatro 25 de Mayo (Santiago del Estero, AR)
– La instalacción (Buenos Aires, AR)
– Teatro del Abasto (Buenos Aires, AR)
duration: 10′