Zugarramurdi, o El Prado del Gran Cabrón

Zugarramurdi, or the Great Goat’s meadow (2004)


“This toads in costumes are demons in the shape of toads, that accompany and assist the sorcerers to induce and help them to commit ever greater evil deeds; they are dressed with wool or velvet in different colours, tight to their bodies and with just one opening, that closes under the belly, with a pointed hood in the manner of a hooded cape, and it never gets broken, and it remains always in a same being; and the toads hold their heads up, and the face of the demon, of the same size and appearance like the lord of the Sabbath, and in their necks they carry jingle bells and other trinkets. (…)
And the toads have under their care waking up their masters, and letting them know when is it time to go to the Sabbath; and the Devil gives them as guardian angels, for them to be served and accompanied, encouraged and asked to commit all sorts of evil deeds, and to get from them the water with which they oint themselves to go to the Sabbath, and to destroy the fields and the fruits, and to kill and to do wrong to the people and the cattle, and to do the dusts and poisons with which they do the mentioned harms.

coreography, direction
Pablo Fontdevila

Federico Klurfan

Pablo Fontdevila, Federico Klurfan, Mariana Hernández

lighting design
Pablo Fontdevila

Graphic design
Sr. Mara

Premiered in La Catedral (Buenos Aires, AR), on september 22nd, 2004

– La Catedral (Buenos Aires, AR)
– Sala A. Ginastera–DNMD (Buenos Aires, AR)

app. duration: 25’