CEEPORT (2012-2018)

__ lighting / co-creation __

CEEPORT is a collaborative project exploring our Perception of the Tragic, as well as the Tragedy of our Perception. It is a performance installation in which a body, a massive installation of aluminum foil, light and sound constantly redefine each other. A sailing ship, a monumental building, a storm at sea, a time machine, a weather box. CEEPORT invites the audience to enter an environment where cyclical interactions generate the most unpredictable phenomena.

CEEPORT is a performance-installation, and it is a collaboration process started in 2012 by a multi-disciplinary team of artists in Amsterdam and Berlin. Through an organic process, CEEPORT developed towards a monumental installation which surprises the spectators with a radical trasformation of the theatre space, producing new modes of perceiving the relations between sound, body, material and light.

Started in 2012, after an initiative of artist/choreographer Yurie Umamoto to start working on the creation of a solo performance around the idea of a “Tragic Heroine”, the project soon evolved into a complex collaborative process with an interdisciplinary approach, leading to discover a common interest in researching a “Tragedy of Perception”. The performance is being developed throughout both intensive periods of research in the studio and periods of loose communication and reflection.

From the beginning the project has been produced by the artists themselves and has remained independent from the usual production structures of the performing arts. The planning and production process has been based on an organic confluence of artistic needs and desires, rather than on material conditions. Rather than a singular institutional support, the project is produced by effectively interconnecting a diversity of networks.

CEEPORT has developed both in the frame of institutional residencies and in self-organized and self-financed periods of research. In each location where the team has worked, we have often found a crew of supportive colleagues and friends, ready to help us thinking and giving feedback, but also with practical aspects such as documentation or even the building up the installation.

Incidentally, the project received support in the form of residencies at Cloud Den Haag, Dansateliers Rotterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam, K3 Hamburg, Summer Studios Brussels, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Pianofabriek Brussels, Workspace Brussels and Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam.

Yurie Umamoto

Pablo Fontdevila

Kumi Umamoto

Douwe Smit

Igor Dobricic

Project CEEPORT (facebook)

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co-produced by Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, NL)
co-produced by C-TAKT (Neerpelt/Ghent, BE)

– première at Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, NL)
– residency at workspacebruseels (BE)
– residency at wpZimmer (Antwerp, BE)
– residency at Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, NL)
– residency and work-in-progress presentation at Working Titles Platform #08, Brussels
– residency at Tanzfabrik (Berlin, DE)
– residency at Kunstwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels, BE)
– residency at Summer Studios Brussels (2013)
– residency at K3 (Hamburg, DE)
– residency at Dansmakers (Amsterdam, NL)
– residency at Dansateliers (Rotterdam, NL)
– residency at CLOUD (Den Haag, NL)