Remarks in Colour

Remarks in Colour (2020–in progress)


How to question the centrality of vision in our perception? How to focus on the experience of our own vision, rather than on what we see? Can words help articulate that experience in new, productive ways? How to use language to complexify rather than reduce experience?

‘Remarks in Colour’ (work in progress) is an installation, a playground exploring diverse and specific relations between texts and the immersive experiences they activate in the space. Under dynamic lighting, words move into the space and colours don’t always bounce back where we expect them to. The room is animated by the animated texts. And this movement attempts to move onto the body of the observer.

I am interested in the feeling of thinking – a diffuse sensation, something operating in the periphery of our perception while the focus on interpretation gets blurred out.

‘Remarks in Colour’ is a part of ‘Vision without Image’, my research project at the Master in Theatre (Toneelacademie Maastricht). In a series of autonomous and interrelated pieces, I am exploring interactions between words, lighting and space, and how they can help us become more sensitive – a response to what I see as an exploitative and unempathic culture – the culture of the image.

concept, installation, lighting
Pablo Fontdevila

Pablo Fontdevila, and paraphrasing of quotations by Brian Massumi and William Forsythe

– residency and work-in-progress presentation at Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, NL)