Disappear 2009

Disappear 2009 (2009)


To construct history daily implies revisiting the past. It’s called memory. This work of art is an event in which people meet with the excuse of talking about disappearances. This work of art is an event in which people discuss their history with the excuse of meeting. This work will say that there are no things of which it cannot speak. This work will say obvious things and will try to remind us this history is everyone’s. This work will contribute to the cause of memory.
This dance in another space.
This movement in between the personal and the political.

The work presented at Teatro San Martín, in Tucumán, was the result of a 2 weeks artistic laboratory conducted in collaboration with the dancers of the Contemporary Ballet of the Pronvice of Tucumán. The starting point was the word Disappear. With diverse strategies many connotations to the word were explored, particularly in relation to the associations the last dictatorship in Argentina made infamous during the ’70s.

Pablo Fontdevila

performance, choreography
Ana Andole, Karina Ávalos, Soledad Caamaño, Mónica Castro Lorca, Marta Díez, Walter Ferreira, Paula Fuensalida, Horacio Moya, Alfredo Salomon and Silvina Damia (Ballet Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Tucumán – artistic director: Patricia Sabbag)

lighting design
Pablo Fontdevila

Pablo Fontdevila and the performers

photos, projections, graphic design
Sr. Mara

Trimurti (p), Ballet Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Tucumán

presented at Teatro San Martín (Tucumán, AR)

duration: 25′