Encounter (2010)


ENCOUNTER is a short performance for a limited amount of audience members. It consists of a space split in two parts visible to each other and, in between the two, a third space. An audience of 15 people queues in space #1, and waits until they are invited by the performer, one at a time, into Space #2.

Inside he will perform a simple but intense physical gesture. By holding his breath and working with muscular tension, the performer briefly transforms his body. The intention is to affect the spectator as immediately as possible, yet staying open to each person’s reactions. The whole encounter lasts less than a minute, but it attempts to leave a strong impression that stays with the spectator as they walk out into Space #3.

One by one the audience is taken through this route. In the meantime, the room allows and invites them to see each other, before and after, individual and group, ignorant and ‘initiated’. The performance finishes after every person of the audience is in space #3.

The performance creates a set-up where the audience is taken through a very specific individual experience. While each person constructs her or his personal account of an experience that is somewhat shared, they are invited to witness other people go through the same process. The people queuing before the encounter and the people who have just experienced it can see each other. The audience anticipates and guesses what they are about to experience. The space invites the spectators to reflect and wonder about the differences and similarities of their experiences.

concept, staging and performance
Pablo Fontdevila

developed in collaboration with
Maria Noel Dourron

lighting, space and costume
Pablo Fontdevila and María Noel Dourron

additional advise
Igor Dobricic

More than human


– OutLine Gallery Amsterdam