Het uur van Rabia (lighting and set design)

Het uur van Rabia (5+) (2021)

__ lighting and set design __

A musical narration about shining your light in the dark.

Writer and storyteller Rashid Novaire takes the children along to the fantastic world of the brave firefly Rabia. Together with actress and musician Mirjam van Dijk they unfold, from within a luminous scenography, a thrilling and poetic story about the meetings you can have when you choose to fly.

Rabia lives in the basement of a small palace. There she makes music and likes to hang out. But there, sometimes, come the tears of the Queen dripping through the floor of the palace onto the basement. Her son, the Prince, is strongly attracted to the outside world, but to the Queen it seems very unsafe. Why does he keep wishing to go out? Isn’t it actually possible to connect digitally with everything from the world while staying inside?

As Rabia gets accidentally blown out into the world, She gets to know the darkness and its dangers, but she also gets to meet many interesting characters, and she learns more about her own desires as she notices how others look at her fiery light.

Concept, direction
Anouke de Groot

Rashid Novaire

Music composition
Mirjam van Dijk

Rashid Novaire, Mirjam van Dijk

Light design and scenography
Pablo Fontdevila

Antonella Geminelli

Image flyer in collaboration with Lego Lima

With the support of August Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Gemeente Amsterdam en AMJV Fonds

Premiered at CC Amstel (Amsterdam, NL)

– CC Amstel (Amsterdam, NL)
– Theaterstraat / De Rietwijker (Amsterdam, NL)